What kind of printer does your business need?

A guide to the different types of printers on the market

Despite moves towards a paperless office the reality is that every small business needs to print out some form of documentation. Even though fewer letters may be being sent, we still need to print invoices, reports, documents and occasionally emails.

The cost of printing documents, as well as general environmental awareness, has made many businesses consider what, when and how they are using printing facilities.

Types of printers for business use

There are two types of printers in common use for small businesses – laser and inkjet. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

Laser printers are generally more expensive than ink jet technology printers but much less expensive to run if you have to do a lot of printing.

We suggest a target price of £80-100 for a basic printer printing, say, 50-100 pages per day. Higher prices buy you more features such as

  • faster print speeds,
  • higher print quality
  • network connectivity
  • more sophisticated paper handling (a dedicated tray for letter-headed stationery for example).

At the £80 price, you might consider it less expensive to buy two printers in which case you have a backup if one should fail.

Expect to have to buy a cable to go with the printer which will cost around £15-20. Most manufacturers provide a ‘starter’ toner cartridge that will need replacing more quickly than standard cartridges.

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