What laptop features do you need for your business?

What do you need from your portable computer?

There’s more to consider when buying a laptop than how much it costs. Here are few other things to consider:

Wireless networks

Most laptops come with WiFi connectivity as standard. This allows you to connect into a wireless network. Unless you are sure you do not need this feature, we suggest you avoid laptops that do not provide it.

Battery considerations

Battery capacity is important. However, you should place little reliance on manufacturer estimates of battery life because they are achieved in practice only under ideal conditions.

Also, bear in mind that batteries are heavy. Long battery life might be achieved only by adding weight to the laptop. Some manufacturers offer alternative batteries that allow you to choose which weight/power will suit you for a given journey.

Weight considerations

When you first pick up a laptop, you might think it’s quite light. However, if you have to carry it for any distance, you might change your mind.

Low weight, high performance, good screen quality and long battery life are the goals of all laptop designers. However, they all have to achieve a balance between the four objectives. A light laptop is not necessarily a good laptop; a heavy one is not necessarily bad. It just depends which factors are most important to you.

Laptops weighing more than 4Kg are pushing the definition of ‘portable’. Expect some compromises in laptops weighing significantly less than 3Kg.

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