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What makes team building an important investment for organisations?

If you've ever wondered whether spending some money on team bonding is worth it, read on to be convinced...

Fast-growing organisations and start-up companies have valued the importance of team building in the recent years. A great team can directly impact a company’s success.

However, not everyone participates in or accepts the idea of team building because they are unable to see its benefit for their workplace. It isn’t just a one-time activity that is forgotten once done. The effects of team building activities for work go beyond keeping every team member energised – they strengthen the bond between co-workers, improve communication, and build trust. In addition, participants are given the opportunity to de-stress and loosen up outside the typical work environment.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best reasons why team building remains a hugely important investment for all companies.

  1. Team building improves the communication process among team members.

If you have repeatedly held company meetings and yet accomplished less than what was expected, perhaps the communication process was not that effective. It’s not enough to just express thoughts and opinions to a co-worker. There needs to be a real conversation – an exchange of information to gain clarity.

One exciting team building game that stresses the importance of communication is the Blindfold Game. Choose a spacious room where you can place objects that represent obstacles. Pairs are needed in this game. Partner A would be blindfolded while partner B should verbally guide partner A to avoid the obstacles in the room.

  1. Team building promotes positive relationships at work.

Healthy and meaningful office friendships make any workplace better. We spend eight hours a day at work from Monday to Friday and it is only right to break down barriers by being sociable and approachable. And no, making friends at work does not harm employees’ productivity levels. In fact, it enhances people’s moods. The happier workers are because of positive relationships, the better they can focus and get things done.

The term “team building” itself is aimed at strengthening bonds between employees. Because people are not working in the office while participating in a team building session, they can comfortably laugh out loud and unwind while solving a challenging game. This helps them feel at ease working together.

  1. Team building improves workplace productivity.

Productivity in the office happens when employees accomplish quality work in a limited amount of time. Among the common reasons that prevent people from being productive are distractions, procrastination, and multi-tasking. One of the purposes of team building is to help members actively practice being more focused on a certain task to accomplish a common goal in less time.

To allow participants to realize the importance of workplace productivity, organise a game where you are to use a timer. For example, you can challenge your employees to complete a picture or word puzzle together in groups of three. Set a timer that goes off after a couple of minutes.

  1. Team building improves your employees’ creativity.

For any organisation to survive in a competitive landscape, it needs employees who are capable of thinking out of the box in addition to following company rules. While there are business problems that top management can prepare for, certain challenges are simply unavoidable. This is where creativity comes in.

Organise team building games where your employees can brainstorm. Encourage them to share whatever comes to mind to keep ideas flowing. Have your own version of the Amazing Race so your team members can get physical at the same time.

  1. Team building activities develop one’s self-confidence.

Team building activities encourage participants to make use of their skills and talents while working hand in hand to succeed in a game. Each employee has his or her own uniqueness and differences which can complement those of another employee. This interplay of strengths can lead to outstanding results. Employees go home after a team building activity feeling more confident and accomplished.


The benefits of a team building event should outweigh the costs. If team building can dramatically improve how employees relate to one another and remain efficient at work, then the activity is something worth spending money on.

Companies cannot succeed without employees working together. Real collaboration and teamwork are impossible if activities that require their full engagement are done in a day-to-day work setting. Start bonding with your team now. Get out of the office, have a breath of fresh air, and be innovative.


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