What should you look for in a home office computer?

What kind of PC will you need in your home office?

The majority of small businesses will be started up at the owner’s home. It provides a cost effective, safe and secure environment and enables you to get your business started with minimum overheads. This guide lets you know what equipment you’ll need. When starting a home office it is important that you have the correct equipment and conditions to work safely and effectively.

For many first time home workers one of the most important purchases can be the PC that you will be using. The basic decision is do you select a laptop or desktop PC?

  • Laptops provide portability that allows you to work from other rooms in the house, the garden, your car and other offices.
  • If space is limited in your house, laptops take up substantially less room than a desktop PC but you might need to add a mouse, keyboard and possibly a display screen to create a suitable working environment.
  • Laptops are relatively difficult to upgrade and they tend to have a shorter life than desktops.
  • You will find that laptops are more expensive than equivalent desktops.
  • You can still use laptops for a few hours in the event of a power failure
  • Desktops are cheaper than equivalent laptops or multimedia PCs.
  • You can easily position desktops to suit the layout of your office. You already get a separate mouse, keyboard and screen.
  • Desktops are relatively easy to upgrade. They tend to have a longer life than laptops.

Once selected you will need to make sure the computer is loaded with suitable legitimate copies of your business software and protected from viruses and malware. Further details on this topic can be found in Computer Viruses and Malware Guide.

Source: Setting up a home office

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  1. Hi, is it possible to update this article? The old way of buying a computer, then software and repeating this process for any team members is totally out of date. More over it can actually damage a business’s ability to grow and scale quickly, not to mention inhibiting much better ways of working together. As a Green Cloud IT business owner, this out of date thinking is exactly what I’m working to educate out of people. I’d be happy to write an alternative / updated article for you. Many thanks, Paul