Where is the best place to start a business in London: Methodology

A note on how we sub-divided the London areas for our guide on starting a business in the capital...

Just as there is said to be more than one way to skin a cat, the same is true of sub-dividing London.

For the eagle-eyed reader, we acknowledge but make no apology for one or two inconsistencies with the way the capital is traditionally divided in Where is the best place to start a business in London. We have considered the business profile of London and how cross-borough zones have emerged to share certain characteristics.

Yes, we have lumped Canary Wharf (in the borough of Tower Hamlets) with the City of London because together they form the financial heart of London. Yes, the rest of Tower Hamlets is bunched with our Central and not East London sub-region as geographically it is as well served as Kensington & Chelsea in the West, although admittedly distinct in terms of its social profile.

And rather than following the Mayor of London and Greater London Authority’s spatial development strategy The London Plan, which includes Islington in its Central sub-region, we’ve grouped Hackney and Islington together to form a Tech City sub-region, recognising the way in which the government’s designation of a digitally-focused hub has drawn businesses with shared characteristics to the two boroughs. We had to draw a borough boundary line around Tech City, despite definitions of the area becoming looser by the day, in order to factor in the borough-specific data we pulled together.

Ultimately, we feel our sub-regions are more meaningful for business owners considering the merits of key areas of London, but accept we’ve had to break some ‘rules’ to present our take on it.


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