Where to get direct marketing advice

If you need more help, we can show you where to find it.

There is a host of companies that can help you to undertake regular mailings. The advice of list brokers is usually free as the list providers pay their commission.

Direct marketing agencies offer both strategic and practical input and most mailing houses can tackle almost every job related to direct mail from printing, stuffing and mailing to database management.

Many businesses can handle a few hundred or even a couple of thousand mailshots themselves but for large mailings, it is usually sensible to use a mailing house.

The fee should not include any mark-up on postage and you can ask for a Postal Docket to show proof of postage. For mailings of over 4000 letters, the Royal Mail Mailsort service offers discounts on postage.

For do it yourself mailings, invest in a franking machine or buy boxes of 200 self-adhesive stamps from the Post Office.

Where to get more information:

The Direct Marketing Association Tel: 020 7321 2525

The Direct Marketing Accreditation and Recognition Centre (DMARC) Tel: 020 7631 0904

Mailing Preference Service (MPS) Tel: 020 7738 1625

The Direct Mail Information Service (DMIS) Tel: 020 7494 0483

Royal Mail Tel: 0345 950950


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