Why Blue Monday should motivate you to start a business

On "the most depressing day of the year", Bobby Chadha argues that you should use today to reflect and consider a move into self-employment

According to reports, today – Monday 16 January – is officially the most depressing day of the year based on a combination of weather conditions, debts, time since Christmas and failing New Year’s resolutions.

But, rather than taking a bleak view of ‘Blue Monday’, it could mark the catalyst for becoming your own boss and moving into self-employment.

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National Accident Helpline has today reported that British stress levels are rising with a fifth of UK workers having taken time off work due to stress, while a large proportion of employees they surveyed named workload, work-life balance, bosses and colleagues as contributing factors to rising stress levels.

To alleviate this stress of full-time employment, you could us this Blue Monday as n opportunity for reflection and a chance to take a fresh perspective. As Bobby Chadha, start-up mentor for Intuit Quickbooks, explains:

“The circumstances [of Blue Monday] combine to push many to job hunt, with January the most popular month for job changes. But another major factor causing us to re-evaluate our working conditions is that our expectations for employment are rapidly changing.

“Our research found that only 13% of Brits expect to be working a traditional 9-5 role by 2025. More than ever, individuals are considering becoming their own boss and this tallies with ONS reports that there are now 4.6 million self-employed people in the UK.

“Starting out on your own is an exciting time for any professional and can be one of the most rewarding decisions made in a person’s life.

“If this Blue Monday becomes a catalyst for that decision, then many might look back on it as positive, not a negative day.”

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