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Why consistency is crucial in on and offline branding

As a small business, having a strong, universal brand is essential. Ask these three questions to check your brand is up to scratch…

As the UK and the rest of the world emerge from global financial depression, there has been a resurgence in the success of small businesses, with more emerging across a range of industries.

Possibly the most notable of these is in the technology sector, where start-ups are becoming increasingly prominent globally as well as in the UK.

Their success could be attributed to their innovation, but also the fact that they have learned the lessons of good branding from those preceding them. Tech start-ups are typically operated by a younger, emerging entrepreneur and this facilitates a breath of fresh air when it comes to branding.

However, they still understand the importance of consistency! A good small business recognises the value in a consistent brand message: this means from above the door of an office using signage, to the footer of its website.

So for new and emerging small businesses, there are lessons to be learned here. Ask yourself the following:

Are you presenting a universal message?

You should review your company branding and consider whether everything shares the same look and feel consistently. Does everything match? This is necessary for both the off and online worlds. Does your client facing office stationery share the same logo and layout as your website? There needs to be a universal message portrayed through branding. Failing to do so can be construed as unprofessional.

Is your theme always consistent?

There is a lot that can be overlooked here, so it is important to be scrupulous in your review. Think about email signatures for example, are they the same as your offline message? Similarly, what about presentations? Do they share a consistent theme? The importance of ensuring that everything matches cannot be overstated when trying to get ahead in the business world. Success relies more than ever on a good branding focus.

Do you have clear brand guidelines?

One way to be sure that your brand and message are effectively conveyed is to ensure that all staff adhere to ‘brand creation guidelines’. As your staff work, they are simultaneously creating your brand in their professionalism so don’t let them down by not having consistency both on and offline.

The most difficult aspect of this is creating a shared platform both on and offline due to the different mediums required here, although by being properly engaged with brand creation in all its forms you can allow your small business to flourish.


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