Why do you need a website?

Just how important is it that you get your business online?

So why should you worry about the internet? Well, the evidence suggests that if you are not spending time on setting up or improving your website, your competitors certainly will be and the chances are you will be left lagging behind in terms of sales.

Buying and selling on the internet (or e-commerce) has rocketed during recent years. According to online retail group IMRG, monthly online spending is now in the billions. In 2007, internet shopping in the UK topped the £100bn mark.

Trade between businesses via the net has also grown. More than half of all British firms now buy goods and services online.

It’s not just with direct selling that a website can help your business. Your website acts as a brochure for your company. It’s constantly updatable and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. It’s your marketing tool, your customer contact portal, and the electronic face of your company.

So, the question for many firms now is – can you afford not to have an online presence when your competitors could be increasing their brand awareness, accessibility and profits by having an effective website?

Whether you just have a simple web page giving out your telephone number and email address, or a flashily-designed website packed with information, having some sort of presence on the internet is increasingly important, even for the smallest firm.

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