Why it pays to invest in email marketing

How to maximise your online presence with an effective email campaign

Email is arguably the most important part of business communications in the modern world. A system that allows instant communication with an extensive list of contacts, the possibilities of this format are endless.

Investing in your emails is therefore highly important. Here we look at why.

Email marketing

The way in which you promote your business is incredibly important. Forming a strong online identity can do hugely positive things for a business and can help to form your reputation. Email marketing campaigns in particular can be hugely effective in this respect.

As you’ll notice from the infographic below, it’s something which needs to be done properly. An investment in email marketing software will help to ensure that your communications with customers always go well and here are a few tips to remember:

  • A width of 600 pixels should be used for all emails to ensure the full message can be read across all browsers and email providers
  • You cannot conceal your name from a marketing email by law
  • You must legally offer recipients the chance to opt-out or unsubscribe from an email mailing list
  • Calls to actions work well in email marketing so make sure you include relevant ones in your messages
  • Use your emails as a portal to your website to drive traffic by including a link to your homepage or relevant page within the emails
  • Include social sharing buttons and bookmarks in your emails to encourage social interaction
  • Check the view of an email in browsers to ensure it can always be accessed if the recipient’s inbox doesn’t render the email correctly
  • Get straight to the point and avoid waffling in your emails – readers will skim over the message so key information should jump out

Why invest in email?

With high levels of success available from email marketing campaigns, investing in your emails is a sure-fire way to make sure you stand the best chance of getting the desired results. The total number of emails sent and received by users is staggering and that means you’re up against plenty of competition.

If you don’t want your emails to be relegated to the bottom of the pile then you need to make sure they stand out – and only for the right reasons. This not only means reviewing the actual content  which you put into your emails but also considering how the message itself is designed and coded. Without due care and attention, you may find yourself sending out an email which appears broken or disjointed or which doesn’t open correctly.

All of this can immediately turn customers away from your business and tarnish your brand reputation. Investing in your email and testing your messages thoroughly before allowing them to be sent out will ensure you make the best first impression possible, potentially leading to greater click-through rates, sales leads and customers.

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Email marketing infographic


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