Why it’s essential to answer new business calls effectively

For a potential customer, picking up the phone and calling is the easiest and quickest way to establish contact with your business: whether you’re a plumber, marketing agency or an ostrich farm – make sure you pick up!

The importance of customer service

I’m a fickle person, and pretty impulsive to boot.

Recently, I changed my energy supplier for two simple reasons, firstly, I didn’t like the animation style of their current TV adverts – the heads of the characters in these adverts are too big – this really got on my nerves.

The second reason (and probably the one I should be promoting more) is the fact that when I picked up the phone to call them as a current customer, I knew the next 20 minutes would be spent listening to a selection of forgotten eighties songs, whilst on hold with countless other poor souls.

In fact, try this when you next call a large company like this – don’t press two for ‘customer services’, press one for ‘new customer’ and see how quickly your call is connected – they’re not stupid.

Even a company with bad customer service knows the importance of new business calls.

The funnel process

It is so simple for a potential customer to turn their back on you if you don’t manage to answer their call. Any marketing you undertake as a company is aimed to funnel customers down a path to enquire about your services, whether by email or by calling you.

So many entrepreneurs fail at one crucial step in this ‘funnel’ process – making sure you provide that customer with a voice, a personality at the end of the phone. It really is that simple.

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Now, many businesses will never receive a high volume of calls, I get that: but this only makes the calls you do receive that much more valuable.

Your business will surely have competitors – and your target market will always have a plethora of suppliers to choose from. The key is to set yourself apart, take that extra step ahead of your competition to convince a buyer you are the company for them.

Ensuring your business calls are always answered

The problem for many young businesses is that as the owner you have to fulfil many different roles to make your business work, and it is inevitable that certain tasks get neglected – make sure it’s not missing incoming calls that is your weakness!

This is where services such as Virtually There can help. We are that extra person, an extra voice, that bridge between you and a new potential customer.

We operate small teams that get to know you and your customers personally providing a service that is tailored to your needs.

A true virtual reception service should grow with your business – the service we offer is so much more than simple message taking.

Top tips when choosing a call answering company

  • Look at the contracts. If a provider is confident that they will help you, they will not tie you in to a long agreement
  • Look at the extra charges. Always go with a fixed fee service, this way there will be no unexpected bills!
  • Speak to them. And their team before making a decision and listen – is that the kind of voice you want your customers to hear?
  • Bigger is not always better. Think about picking a personal service over a cheaper price that larger 24/7 call answering companies offer.

Virtually There is here to help small businesses grow – from virtual offices, call answering, desk space and a large business community, check us out at www.virtually-there.net


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