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Why should start-ups enter the Startups 100 2018 index?

"To be considered one of Britain's most exciting and disruptive start-ups is a massive achievement" - Startups 100 2016 alumni

Entries for the Startups 100 2018 are now open, and you have until 23 March 2018 to grasp the opportunity to appear in this year’s definitive index of the UK’s top 100 most exciting new businesses.

Enter the Startups 100 2018

With applications rolling in, we wanted to encourage you, our start-up readers, to apply – but we wanted to be as honest as possible. After all, we know that indexes and awards can, sometimes, sound too good to be true. (Disclaimer: Our index is as good as it sounds!)

So, instead of us telling you just how special the Startups 100 is, we thought it best to let others do the talking. And who better than previous Startups 100-winning companies?

Here’s what some of our Startups 100 2017 and Startups 100 2016 alumni had to say on what the index meant to them…

The Startups 100 generates PR and gets your business noticed, for free

Stuart McClure, founder and CMO of Love the Sales, which ranked number 33 in 2017:

“Being featured in the Startups 100 was great! Off the back of the announcement we saw an immediate spike in interest of our product, and the PR it generated meant we were featured in a number of other publications and mainstream media.

“We also went on to win a major start-up competition; they approached us to enter after seeing the Startups 100 list!”

After being listed in the 2017 index, Debut tell us:

“After being featured at number 36 in the Startups 100 2017 list, we noticed an incredible uplift in interest from the media, investors and our core audience – students.

“Not only did the list significantly increase our media coverage and provide amazing PR opportunities, but it attracted more users and really resonated with investors. It also gave us the opportunity to meet and engage with other founders, which is crucial to business success as a start-up.”

The Startups 100 is an endorsement that makes prospective customers take notice

Jas Bagniewski, co-founder and CEO of eve Sleep, the number one ranking business in the Startups 100 2017:

“We started eve in 2015 and came out top in the Startups 100 last year. Obviously starting a business and scaling at speed can mean a relentless schedule, but when you pause and look back on what you’ve achieved, it’s an incredible experience.

“Being recognised by Startups100 was fantastic for eve – it’s an endorsement that people take notice of and it was great to be part of it.”

The Startups 100 helps businesses attract customers, partnerships and investors

Hayden Wood, CEO and co-founder of Bulb, which was listed at number seven last year:

“We’ve grown six-fold to a community of over 300,000 members since last year’s list was unveiled. Being recognised by the Startups 100 has helped us spread the word about Bulb to investors and households across the UK, adding real value to our business.”

Andrew Needham, founder and CEO of HeadBox, which ranked 49th in 2017:

“For us, the coverage provided by the Startups 100 increased incoming requests from potential clients, investors, candidates and other press outlets, whilst also connecting us with a variety of other new businesses with whom we forged some valuable affiliate partnerships.

“The alumni list speaks for itself, with some hugely successful businesses starting their journey by making it into the index, and we're very proud to have been included twice.”

After ranking at 61 in the 2017 index, co-founder of Divido Christer Holloman says:

“Since being selected for the index, Divido’s retail finance platform has enjoyed huge growth across the board. In 2017, live merchants increased by 65%, customer usage increased by over 400% and partnerships were made with Mastercard and BNP Paribas.”

Featuring in the Startups 100 can boost revenues (yes, really)

James Jenkins-Yates, founder of AirSorted, which took the 58th spot in 2016:

“For us [the Startups 100] meant more clicks on our ads and more revenue because of that.”

The Startups 100 is a recognised seal of approval

Mario Rauter of last year’s number five business Simba Sleep agrees:

“Having the Startups 100 seal of approval has been a real asset for Simba this this year. Its pedigree in uncovering the best of British at grass roots is evidenced by how many have gone on to be UK powerhouses.

“Media, investors and our customers respect the accolade and it's assisted us in attracting some of the best talent in the industry.”

The Startups 100 is a testament to hard work and creativity

Dan Gandesha, CEO of Property Partner, which featured at number 13 in 2017:

“When you do a roll call of previous winners, and look at the phenomenal success of so many of them, you realise just what it means to make the list. Appearing in the top 20 is testament to the hard work and creativity of our dedicated team.

“There is such a rich pool of entrepreneurial talent in the UK, to be considered one of Britain’s most exciting and disruptive start-ups is a major achievement, and one that we are extremely proud of.”

After ranking at number 10 in the 2017 index, Cornerstone founder Oliver Bridge tells us:

“Being in the index was a great recognition of our team’s hard work and I know it made us all very proud to think that we had taken Cornerstone from just an idea to a top 10 UK start-up within just three years.”

The Startups 100 fosters an entrepreneurial community, which featured at number four last year, tells us:

“There are so many benefits to being included in the Startups 100 – including being welcomed into the thriving community, a group of brilliant leaders and innovators.

“It's been fantastic to be recognised by such a prestigious organisation that’s really helping build profile for innovation in the UK. We’re in such great company with many businesses I personally admire. It’s also great for building informal relationships that help get business done by sharing tips and insights.

“The team also really values the recognition – We get plenty of positive affirmation from our customers and investors, however entering these awards meant receiving that affirmation from our peers, which is really quite special in a different way.”

The Startups 100 enables businesses to reflect on their growth

Saurav Chopra, CEO and co-founder of 2017’s number three business Perkbox:

“Moving from a start-up to the scale-up we are today in just two years has been a really exciting challenge but it has also meant having little time to look back and applaud ourselves collectively for what we’ve achieved.

“The index has served this purpose very well – to see our hard work team ranking number two and number three in consecutive years is extremely rewarding for everyone at Perkbox – we’re very proud of it!”

The Startups 100 celebrates innovation

Flight Club, having taken the second spot in 2017, explain:

“Our patented technology is at the heart of the Social Darts experience and it was amazing to be recognised for our innovation, as a successful technology business as much as a hospitality venue.”

Last but not least, the Startups 100 offers a huge profile opportunity

Ed Relf, co-founder and CEO of Laundrapp, which ranked 18th in 2017:

“As an early-stage but fast-growing start-up, the Startups 100 is a great opportunity to not only promote our business but, also, to celebrate great British success stories.

“The Startups 100 has been a huge profiling opportunity for our business.”

Inspired to enter your business for the Startups 100 2018? Well, what are you waiting for? Download the entry form here. Entries close at midnight on March 23 2018.


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