Why the ‘new’ FSB is good news for UK start-ups

On a mission to help support more small businesses, David Miles reveals how investment in a digital strategy has meant a service more relevant and useful

David Miles, director at the Federation of Small Businesses and a digital marketing expert, explains why the FSB’s new brand and digital investment is a positive development for small businesses.

I have been running my own businesses since the age of 20 and have spent most of that time immersed in the world of digital marketing, providing consultancy on anything from Google AdWords pay-per-click advertising to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), website design and social media marketing.

I know how important it is that the people I partner with in my professional life speak the same language and understand my needs as someone who is heavily dependent on digital channels. A large proportion of my communication with clients and colleagues is digital. When I’m looking for information or advice, my first port of call is online.

This is why I believe the FSB’s new brand and digital investment is great news for small business owners around the country that rely on external expertise and support to help tmanage and grow their businesses.

So many company owners struggle to find the time to do what you do best because you get sucked into time-consuming administrative tasks such as dealing with employment, legal or tax issues. You need help, but you also need to keep costs down. This is why FSB is as relevant and important to small businesses as ever. The services it offers, from business legal protection insurance to employment law guidance, health and safety advice, healthcare advice and a no obligation, free financial health check are hugely valuable to start-ups and growing businesses across all sectors.

But awareness of these services amongst non-members is not widespread, which is why the organisation’s investment in its online presence and activity is so important. Visitors to the FSB website will discover major improvements, which have enabled the organisation to offer even more resources for businesses. FSB will also become more active on social media channels and its library of small business advice will be increasingly digitised.

Consumers increasingly get their news from social media channels and want bite-sized information that will answer specific questions immediately. Business owners are exactly the same, you want information delivered in real-time and through channels that are easily accessed, which is why the FSB has evolved to meet your needs.

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The UK has been ranked as one of the most entrepreneurial in the world. There are now more businesses than ever starting up with around 5.4 million registered in the UK at the start of this year, an increase of 1.9 million since the turn of the millennium. Many of these businesses are leaders in technology and the numbers will only increase over time. So it is vital for FSB to enhance its appeal to the increasingly digitally-savvy small business sector and make it easier for small businesses to see what FSB has to offer, streamlining access to its membership services, joining processes, and campaign activity.

FSB has been a trusted and important advisor to small businesses for over 40 years and today’s businesses need its support and services more than ever. Over and above your day-to-day challenges, you face numerous obstacles related to a range of upcoming policy changes including the new National Living Wage, pension auto-enrolment deadlines and changes to the way dividends are taxed.

FSB is already the largest business membership organisation in the UK, but the more members it has, the more strength it will have to stand up for businesses and make sure your voice is heard by government. By communicating in a more relevant way for the businesses of today, it can introduce more start-ups and smaller businesses to the support and advice they can access from FSB, allowing you to focus on managing and growing your businesses while FSB represents your interests to government.

To put it simply, FSB is vital to the UK’s small business community, and so the important steps it has taken to modernise and stay relevant to it are vital to ensuring it continues to support its members for another 40 years.

FSB offers membership packages starting from £130. Further details can be found on the FSB website.


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