WIN an iPad mini bundled with the revolutionary payleven Chip and PIN card reader

Take card payments anytime and anywhere

Could your business be losing out on sales by not accepting card payments?

Startups is giving you the opportunity to easily turn your phone or tablet into a Chip and PIN terminal with a payleven Chip and PIN card reader: it’s mobile, low-cost, convenient and secure, giving you the freedom to process card payments anytime, anywhere. The reader connects via Bluetooth to an app and converts your smartphone or tablet into a fully mobile debit and credit card Chip and PIN reader. Payleven offers the same stringent security standards as a traditional card terminal but at a fraction of the cost and with no monthly rental fees or minimum charges. You can email receipts and download your sales transactions online.

We’re giving away a payleven Chip and PIN reader (RRP £82.50) to one lucky business – and what’s more, we’re also bundling in an iPad mini with it as well!

About the payleven Chip and PIN card reader:
• Easy online set-up
• 100% mobile on 3G and WiFi
• Only 2.75% Flat Fee
• Pay as You Go – No Contract or Monthly Fees
• No Paperwork or Merchant Account Required

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