Winners of Startups’ ‘Internet Icons’ event tickets announced

Five business owners chosen to attend exclusive British Library event

Startups can reveal the five winners who will be receiving exclusive tickets to tonight’s ‘Internet Icons’ event, giving them the chance to hear high-profile internet entrepreneurs share their business tips.

We revealed last week that five tickets were up for grabs for the event, which is set to take place at the British Library tonight and will feature speeches from the founders of ASOS, Moonpig and Decoded.

Startups picked five winners from the glut of business entries, which all sent a short answer explaining what the internet meant to their business.

Without further ado, here are the winners’ entries:

Kieran Fitsimons – founder and MD, LOLCard:

“The internet is incredibly important to our personalised card business, allowing our clients to do everything from placing an order to getting in touch.

“In an offline world it would not be possible, at a competitive price, to create bespoke one off personalised cards featuring a customer’s own Facebook images and content.

“The possibility for smaller companies such as ourselves to be noticed on a national or international scale is also an incredible opportunity that exists, thanks to the world being more connected than ever before.”

Hollie Cobb:

“Well, strictly speaking – I don’t yet have my own business.

“After working my way up the ranks in a premium nightclub from just a casual member of the promotions team all the way to marketing manager, I have developed a deep interest in this area of business, seeing how powerful it can be, particularly with the ever technologically evolving relationship between a business and its consumer.

“This interest has prompted me to finally apply for University (only a few years late!), to study Management with Entrepreneurship.

“As a young person with high hopes and big dreams, I believe events such as this are building blocks to a successful beginning and would be a fantastic learning opportunity.”

Daniel Murray – founder, Grabble:

“For Grabble the internet is the ultimate opportunity to share our vision and explore partnerships at the most pure, genuine, low cost and meaningful way imaginable.

“We believe that fashion should be found by what your peers are finding, essentially helping you discover more brands, more trends, more items than you are able to discover yourself. By doing so, small, emerging brands are given the same opportunity as big brands by their fan base, evangelists and simply just those that feel identify with the retailer, regardless of its size.

“The internet is essential to the mission statement at Grabble, and fashion could not be democratized fairly without its influence.”

Nina Elegba – Magpie on the Run (via Twitter):

“this event will well & truly help this #magpie #fly & get my #startup off the ground #startupsicons”

Hanna Nicholson: The Collective Boutique (via Twitter):

“Growing my online empire is my plucky dream – would love to be a ticket winner @startupstowers #startupsicons #pickme”



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