Jumping on the Jubilee buzz to launch a new business

Company: WiperWaggers
Founder: Angus Small
The proposition:
A novelty windscreen display, which the founder hopes will become a new marketing platform – and good fun too

The Diamond Jubilee gave WiperWaggers the impetus to go to market, and the company’s very first WipeWagger, the ‘Waving Queen’, has just launched.

The brainchild of Angus Small, the Waving Queen is an image of the Queen stuck to the back of your car with her gloved arm attached to the rear windscreen wiper. When you wipe, she waves.

Small has been developing the WiperWagger concept for many years. But with his Waving Queen design, and the anniversary celebrations, he had the ideal combination to launch now.

“The Diamond Jubilee represented a great market opportunity. In tough times people still want a bit of fun and are looking for something to celebrate. The WiperWagger captures this and puts a smile on people’s faces. Cards Galore saw this and have come on board,” he said.

“These celebrations and the Olympics mean international eyes are on us, presenting a great opportunity to also look beyond our shores. Our very first online WiperWagger sale was to a royal enthusiast in Washington DC.”

The founder plans to capitalise on this interest to build a sustainable business – one that will continue to grow long after the Jubilee frenzy subsides. WiperWagger designs are limitless and, as well as future consumer images, there are plans to target marketers and merchandisers. Perhaps the next Wiperwagger could feature Olympic mascot Wenlock?

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