Women biggest online spenders averaging £460m sales a week

UK e-commerce driven by female shoppers in 2014 according to ONS statistics

Women in the UK spend an average of £460m a week in online sales, a marked increase on their male counterparts, according to statistics from the Office of National Statistics compiled by Fastlane International.

Said to show that the rise in e-commerce in 2014 was driven by female shoppers, the research also found that women were the main internet spenders across the Chrismas period with 64% of women shopping online for at least one item, compared to 50% of males.

The most popular item brought by women online was clothing with 81% of UK females having brought clothing online in contrast to 73% of men.

Women are also using the internet to research items in ever greater numbers with 6% of women researching products in store, and 89% online.

Fastlane International has advised that budding online retail start-ups should consider these findings when developing new sites:

“Today’s “New Man” doesn’t seem to have evolved as much as he might think. It’s still left to women to buy all the presents for friends and family. Women buy on behalf of their husbands, their partners, their kids, and even sometimes their work colleagues. Small wonder they are turning to the web to save a lot of legwork.’

“Even for video games, sites can no longer be designed and aimed at their traditional audience of young males. For every form of internet retail, from booking parcels to buying furniture, our figures reveal the customer is Queen.”


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