Women entrepreneurs on the rise

Increase in women starting up businesses, but men are still overshadowing them

Men in London are still setting up more businesses than women, according to new data from Barclays.  The announcement comes on Women’s Enterprise Day, designed to celebrate and encourage women in business.

The data shows almost 40,000 businesses were set up by men in the first half of 2007, while just under 11,000 were started by women. However, the number of women setting up their own businesses is on the increase. Compared to last year’s figures, the number of women entrepreneurs has risen by 1,000.

Diana Robertson, spokesperson for Business Link London, said:”In order to increase innovation and creativity in the UK marketplace, it is essential to grow the number of female-owned businesses. Although more men are setting up then women, there are lots of examples to show this is changing. Inflexible working hours and a lack of employer support for women with children has lead to more women taking the entrepreneurial route.

“Women now account for 23 per cent of all UK company directors, with most of them working in small businesses.Entrepreneurship provides women with a way to achieve their career ambitions while meeting the demands of home life  – a balance that larger corporations have traditionally struggled to support. Now is the time for women to give the men a serious run for their money.”

Women-owned businesses contribute almost £60bn to the UK economy, therefore making them economically essential. Women’s Enterprise Day is part of Enterprise Week, now in its fourth year. 

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