Worldpay launches pay-as-you-go service for small businesses

Rather than paying monthly or annual charges, start-ups and small business owners can now opt to pay a fee every time they take a customer card payment

Payment processing company Worldpay has launched a pay-as-you-go service for smaller businesses and start-ups that accept card payments, it announced today.

Designed to simplify charges, the new service will allow business owners to pay a single fee every time they take a customer card payment through Worldpay rather than the typical monthly or annual fees.

The service is said to be ideal for businesses that don’t take payments all year round and is part of the payment firm’s plan to provide companies with greater flexibility when taking payments both at the till and online.

Taking inspiration from the mobile industry, the company has also launched a new “Fixed Monthly” offering which is one monthly regular fixed fee inclusive of transactions and terminal rental.

The launch comes just months after Worldpay announced it would be rolling out an alternative finance scheme for small businesses whereby business owners can take an unsecured cash advance based on future credit and debit card sales.

Dave Hobday, Worldpay UK managing director, commented “We’re very excited to be unveiling this game changing proposition for the UK card payments market.

“By providing greater flexibility, simplicity and choice we want to open up the possibilities for small businesses to take card payments, regardless of the structure, size or maturity of their business, helping them grow by increasing the ways they can sell to their customers.

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