Worried about the impact of Brexit on your business? Attend a free expert webinar

On 28 March, listen to WorldFirst’s chief economist discussing everything from currency movements to inflation and consumer spending

With just over one year to go until the UK officially departs the EU, many of the country’s retail businesses are still in a state of uncertainty about what the future will bring and how best to prepare.

To help tackle some of these worries, WorldFirst, the international payments firm, is to host a free webinar on 28 March at 2pm, discussing the impact of Brexit on the retail sector.

Generating more than £94.8bn in 2016 alone, retail is one of the UK economy’s most important sectors.

However, retail is a changing landscape, with recent months seeing a decline in consumer spending occur in tandem with increasing costs. At the same time, major retailers including Toys R Us and Maplin have failed as consumers have continued to abandon the high street in favour of online shopping.

With Article 50 set to expire on 29th March 2019, the hour-long webinar will take a look at the impact of Brexit on the retail sector, currency movements, inflation, and consumer spending. It will then discuss the likely impact over the next year.

If you run a retail business that trades across borders or relies on imports from the continent, the webinar will give you a chance to find answers to these questions and others such as

Founded in 2004, WorldFirst helps business make international transactions in Australia, Canada, France, New Zealand, Spain, the US, the UK, and Europe.

The webinar will be hosted by Jeremy Cook, chief economist at WorldFirst. As an expert on foreign exchange, Cook has appeared on BBC News, BBC Radio 5 Live and Newsnight. He has also written for a number of blogs and newspapers.

A statement on the WorldFirst website read: “The UK economy is a retail economy and as much as Napoleon’s quip about the UK being a nation of shopkeepers was meant to be an insult, we have lived up to the stereotype. British retailers have built upon it however and the sector is one of the most integrated and important of UK business sectors.”

You can find out more about the webinar and register your attendance here.