You can now receive payments from customers through Skype using PayPal

Those providing tutoring, language and music lessons - and more - can receive payments whilst in the middle of a conversation with a customer

Great news for entrepreneurs providing services via video link on Skype – you now have the option of receiving and making payments through the platform.

Skype has teamed up with PayPal to launch Send Money on its iOS and Android mobile app in 22 countries around the world.

Although the recipient can be using any version of the app, the sender needs to be using the latest version and just needs to swipe right and tap Send Money to complete the money transfer process in any currency they wish.

The first time using the feature, the user needs to link their PayPal account to their Skype profile and confirm their location.

The feature opens up the possibility for online tutors or perhaps even business consultants to receive payment from their customer whilst they carry out their service.

This is PayPal’s latest move to expand its service after it integrated with Siri for iPhone earlier this year, the Slack messenger app and Microsoft’s

John Kunze, vice president of global consumer product at Xoom and PayPal, commented: “Over the past year, we’ve partnered with Apple, Slack and Microsoft to enable peer-to-peer (P2P) payments with PayPal and Venmo in more places and in more contexts where people are connecting online and on mobile […].

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“Today, we’re excited to announce that PayPal is now partnering with Skype to allow users in 22 countries to send money to other Skype users with PayPal via their Skype mobile app. With over one billion Skype mobile downloads to date globally, users will be able to use PayPal directly from their Skype app to seamlessly send money in the moment […].”


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