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Young entrepreneurs: Angelica Malin, About Time

Determined to help people discover great things to try in London and beyond, 25 year-old Malin has built a website with thousands of daily readers…

Name: Angelica Malin
Company: About Time
Age: 25

“Sometimes being bossed around is exactly what you need.” This is the founding belief which has seen 25 year-old Angelica Malin establish a website with over 75,000 monthly users, across 123 countries, in just two years.

The site in question, About Time, looks to help busy Londoners make easy decisions about new places or experiences to try. Overwhelmed with the vast number of sites which suggest hundreds of choices of where to go for dinner, where to stay and where to go out, Malin decided it was quite literally ‘about time’ to create a site which would cut out the complexity with simple daily lists of exactly what ‘it’s about time you tried’.

This “bossy” approach, covering everything from food and drink to travel ideas, appears to have hit the mark and Malin’s site is now ranked on Google as one of London’s top leading lifestyle sites. The site’s appeal has also translated to social media with over 24,000 Twitter followers (Malin has almost 50,000 on her personal Twitter account) and posts on Facebook which have exceeded 11,000 shares.

With three full-time staff and a staggering 170 freelancers working for her, Malin has said her experience of being a young entrepreneur has been one of “amazing highs and crushing lows”. While she’s dealt with sleepless nights and had to work to be taken seriously – “people will always try to take you for a ride when you’re young” – she says the ability to run with an idea and make her vision a reality has been “incredible”.

So what’s next for About Time and its creative founder? Malin asserts that she’s “hungry” to do more and has plans to hire additional staff and focus on creating more video content. She’s even eyeing up expansion outside of London and wants to introduce regional spin offs for areas such as Manchester and Leeds.

Her ultimate aim though? “To hit in the millions for readership!”


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