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Young Entrepreneurs: Dominic McGregor and Steven Bartlett, Social Chain

The brains behind a social media business which can make anything the number one trending topic on Twitter within 30 minutes...

Name: Dominic McGregor and Steven Bartlett
Company: Social Chain
Ages: Both 23

In less than 18 months, Steven Bartlett and Dominic McGregor have established Europe’s largest social influencer network with over 200 million people following their accounts on the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

If that hasn’t impressed you, then the fact that they’re both only 23-years-old, employ 35 people and are on target to reach turnover of £6m, should.

Having both dropped out of university to pursue their “entrepreneurial ideas”, the Manchester-based duo launched Social Chain – a social media marketing agency – in November 2014 and haven’t looked back.

The business, which has worked with some of the top brands in the UK, has the ability to leverage hundreds of social communities (such as Twitter accounts ‘Sims Logic’ and ‘Student Problems’) to control what gets talked about online through carefully created content. Social Chain’s influence on social media is indeed so powerful that Bartlett and McGregor claim to be able to make anything the top trending topic on Twitter in 30 minutes or less (Buzzfeed have tested this claim and it held up).

Investors have also recognised the appeal of Bartlett and McGregor’s offering. Earlier this month, German talent agency NVC backed $2m in the business to help it scale and to support the launch of their first overseas office in Berlin this spring.

While Bartlett and McGregor are realistic when it comes to the business’ future prospects – “we're working in an ever changing landscape making it difficult to make predictions” – they say that they would never have believed that they’d have got to where they are today and have “big ambitions” in the pipeline.


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