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Young Entrepreneurs: Ella Woodward, Deliciously Ella

With over 150,000 daily website hits, the fastest selling debut cookbook and a global following, this 'clean eating' food blogger is certainly one to watch...

Name: Ella Woodward
Company: Deliciously Ella
Age: 23

23 year-old Ella Woodward has grown the Deliciously Ella brand from a clean-eating blog, started after the young founder was diagnosed with a rare illness, into a burgeoning business. Alongside her hugely popular blog posts – the site now gets over 150,000 hits a day – Woodward has an app, runs events and cooking classes, produces products with partnering companies and most recently released a recipe book.

Woodward’s unprecedented success is all based around her mission to get people eating vegetables with her vlogs (over 36,000 subscribers to date), daily newsletters (over 30,000 subscribers), book and online platforms filled with plant-based recipes.

Tapping into the growing trend for vegan, raw and ‘free-from’ foods, Woodward has found a captive audience and it seems every venture she touches turns to gold. As well as notable daily page impressions, the young entrepreneur’s app has had over 70,000 downloads (and went straight to number 1 on iTunes) and her first book not only had to delay its launch to reprint as it was pre-ordered so many times, but has since become the nation’s fastest growing debut cookbook.

The food blogger’s regular and popular cookery classes and supper clubs are also gaining traction; and she has joined with clean eating establishments such as Raw on Dover Street (partners of Young Gun winners Wolf and Badger) to create exclusive healthy-eating snacks, alongside supplying other products – from cooking appliances to organic beauty products – on her website.

The young entrepreneur’s success is in part down to her impressive social following, which she continues to monitor daily replying to almost every comment; with over 350,000 followers on Instagram, 446,000 on Twitter, over 320,000 on Pinterest and 105,000 on Facebook – it’s a devoted and large fan base to tap into. She has also featured in national publications including Tatler, Red Magazine, the Metro and The Telegraph.

And Woodward, daughter of MP Shaun Woodward, doesn’t appear to be showing any signs of slowing down. Announcing on the back of her successful US book launch, where she appeared on the Today show, that she will be publishing two more books in 2016.

While Woodward is not driven by money, but by helping to inspire others to a diet that helped literally save her life, she does have high ambitions for the Deliciously Ella brand, with her ultimate plan “to be the go-to site for all things related to health, happiness and wellness.”


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