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Young Entrepreneurs: Grace Regan and James Macleod, Clippet

With ties to Rupert Murdoch, this 24 year-old duo are shaking up the news industry with short audio ‘clippets’ to help people stay connected on the go

Names: James Macleod and Grace Regan
Company: Clippet
Ages: 24

The news industry isn’t typically known for disruption and innovation but bright young stars James Macleod and Grace Regan are on a mission to change that with their pioneering audio news start-up which offers a “new breed of journalism”.

The grandson of Rupert Murdoch, Macleod came up with the idea while studying at Cass Business School and juggling a part-time pub job on the other side of London. Spending most of his time on the move, he found that he was losing track of the news and, being unable to find an on-the-go short-form audio news service, he realised that there was a market for bite-sized news which could keep listeners up to date in a “quick and engaging way”.

After a chance meeting on a Soho night out with Regan; a UCL graduate who spent a lot of her time in the university radio station, the idea began to grow legs and soon after Macleod decided to drop out of Cass in pursuit of the Clippet venture.

Now just seven months after launching their East London start-up, Regan and Macleod have already hired a team of 10 and raised two small rounds of investment with a seed round to fuel product development currently underway. And while the company is still very early-stage, the duo have solid revenue plans in place with the intention to add sponsored content and partnerships once they have secured a large and active user base.

Having founded a business straight out of university, Regan and Macleod assert that the challenges of starting a business at such a young age are the very same as the benefits of starting up. For instance they’ve learnt that the joy of “only having yourself to answer to” is a bonus in some respects but also makes it “crucial to maintain self-motivation and work harder and do better”. The same goes for listening to business advice; “we’ve learnt along the way that it’s a real skill knowing what advice to take and what to leave”.

In 10 years time, the entrepreneurs want Clippet to be “the global leader” of short-form audio content. Watch this space…


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