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Young entrepreneurs: Jules Quinn, The *Teashed

Jules Quinn spotted an emerging trend at just the right time with her design-led tea business

Name: Jules Quinn
Company: The *Teashed
Age: 25

It’s not often that a ‘rubbish’ work placement gives rise to anything positive, but in Jules Quinn’s case it provided the spark for a successful business.

“I was made to make loads of cups of tea for the office staff,” explains Quinn. “I was sent out to Sainsbury’s one lunchtime and noticed the lack of tea options – especially ones that were targeted at younger people.” Most of us would have simply filed away the thought and gone back to work, but Quinn spotted an opportunity.

Started in May 2011, The *Teashed offers a range of appealingly packaged, unique and quirky blends of tea – making tea “young and cool” again.

Emerging at just the right time and capitalising on a wider trend for artisan teas, the business comfortably expects to generate £250,000 in revenues this year – not bad for an organically-funded venture with just one employee. The business now sells its products in more than 150 high-end retail outlets nationwide, including John Lewis, Fenwick, the V&A Museum and Heals.

Quinn is keen to preserve The *Teashed’s luxury, artisan credentials, and regularly flies out to Asia to source new blends – as well as putting an ambitious plan in place to globalise the business.

“I’m actually in Taiwan as we speak,” the female entrepreneur told us. “I’ve just secured a deal to roll out a *Teashed franchise of English shops in Taiwan and Japan – as well as securing a listing across 65 high-end Japanese department stores.”

All the signs point to 2014 being a landmark year for the burgeoning business, and the young entrepreneur is definitely one to watch.


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