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Young entrepreneurs: Lauren Chittock and Sophie Chittock, Nuoi Foods

Combining healthy nut butter with indulgent flavours, these dedicated twins are holding down full-time jobs while building a unique food business

Names: Lauren Chittock and Sophie Chittock
Company: Nuoi Foods
Ages: Both 21

Despite having followed two very different paths after finishing school, 21-year-old twins Lauren and Sophie Chittock found themselves drawn to the idea of starting a business to “implement creative ideas and develop something that they are truly passionate about”.

After Lauren graduated with a degree in marketing management and advertising, and with Sophie back in the UK from travelling around Australia, the duo had a lightbulb moment for their business idea.

Inspired by her travels, Sophie had sought out healthy, raw nut butters like those she had tried in Oz but found that she couldn't find anything close to the same variety in her home country.

The duo decided to create their own; blending palm oil-free, sugarless nut butters in their Norwich home in mouth-watering flavours such as carrot cake, raspberry & white chocolate and vanilla espresso.

Three months later, with funding saved from the twins’ salaries and the help of a student overdraft, Nuoi Foods was born.

The brand’s roster of unique flavours has proved popular. After giving samples to three stores and asking only for feedback, the sisters were “overwhelmed” when all three retailers requested to stock the product. And now, having just launched earlier this month, the new business is looking to drive sales through its website, food markets, wholesalers and more retail stores.

Today the enterprising twins lead a jam-packed life, working full-time to support their venture while developing the business during weekends, evenings and, even, lunch breaks.

Though they know their lifestyle isn't for the faint-hearted, the pair say “the reward of seeing their finished product and a positive response from stores makes it all worth it!”

As for the future, while it's early days for the start-up the twins hope to see Nuoi Foods nut butter become a household staple. Watch this space!


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