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Young Entrepreneurs: Michael Venn, Tagstr

Having started his first business at 12, Venn has dabbled in chicken farms, iOS games and web design but his latest venture is his most exciting yet...

Name: Michael Venn
Company: Tagstr
Age: 22

With over £1m investment and eight employees, the early success of 22 year-old Michael Venn’s social sharing start-up Tagstr serves as an inspiration to any budding young business owner.

Having had his “first taste” of entrepreneurialism at the tender age of 12 with a chicken farm that grew from 100 to 2,500 hens, for Venn it would appear business is in his veins.

At the age of 16 he started a mobile DJ company and later imported smartphones while living in Africa and then, on moving back to the UK in 2010, started a number of tech businesses including iOS app review sites such as and popular iOS games, including Piggy Bounce and Santa Bounce.

Work as a freelance graphic designer and consultancy roles for mobile and web solutions followed, and it was a combination of these experiences in the mobile and tech landscapes that led Venn to create Tagstr.

Intended to provide a “social sanctuary” for people to share their experiences, interests and passions without “egos”, Tagstr allows you to “discover the world” through tags of photos, videos and audio. Unlike most typical social networks, you don’t have to be friends or follow people to see their content, instead connections are made on the concepts – “tags” – that interest you.

Since launching the business in July 2014, Venn has seen rapid uptake of the social app with a milestone eight million uploads and he plans to continue growth of the platform with “new and exciting features that competitors don’t offer”.

With a second seed round currently in process, Venn is determined to achieve his ambition of making Tagstr the service that will “connect people around the world” but don’t expect it to be his last business venture. Over the next five to 10 years, he’s keen to continue working “and evolving” within the technology sector.  Watch this space…


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