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14 young entrepreneurs to watch in 2014

Bursting with tenacity, ambition and talent – Startups reveals the UK’s most promising entrepreneurs under 25 with big business futures

Following on from a hugely popular feature in 2012, here at Startups Towers we were on a mission to find this year’s hottest crop of successful young entrepreneurs – aged 25 and under – making waves in a range of exciting and disruptive industries.

It’s always refreshing to discover and promote UK start-up talent, but to unearth today’s rising young stars is particularly rewarding, especially when faced with such a plethora of choice.

From coding to travel to unique blends of tea, the 14 businesses featured in the list (and the 17 entrepreneurs behind them including co-founders) are all challenging their respective industries – as well as battling the age-old adage that experience always wins out.

Starting a business, and more importantly running a successful business, is difficult to say the least, and whilst experience certainly isn’t a prerequisite, a lot of entrepreneurs would argue that it really helps.

So it’s even more impressive that these entrepreneurs under 25 are carving such a fast-track path to success.

With our youngest entrepreneurs in the list (currently just 17) already with a seed round under their belt, including backing from the notable Frank Meehan, a business with a projected profit of £900,000 and an entrepreneur with an estimated net worth of £8m, this prestigious index really is a shining example of UK youth enterprise at its best.

Since being named in our list a couple of years ago, the now infamous Nick D’Aloisio sold his summarising news app for a staggering £19m so the stakes are high for this year’s class of business owners, but it’s a challenge they seem more than ready to accept.

Displaying grit, passion and sheer determination, arguably some people are just born entrepreneurs.

After all, age is just a number, the investment, turnover and profit figures speak for themselves…


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