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Young entrepreneurs: Zoe Jackson, Living the Dream

After launching the business part-time to pay her education fees at just 16, female entrepreneur Zoe Jackson’s start-up has catapulted to success

Name: Zoe Jackson
Company: Living the Dream Performing Arts
Age: 24

It is rare that a venture started at age 16 will end up developing into a long-standing success, but that’s exactly what happened with Zoe Jackson’s performing arts company Living the Dream.

Set up with the aim of covering her course fees with the National Youth Theatre, Living the Dream enjoyed success for years as a part-time venture, with Jackson putting on yearly shows exclusively directed, produced, choreographed and performed by young people.

It was already an impressive business for someone so young, but Living the Dream catapulted itself into the national consciousness on New Year’s Eve 2010 after Jackson hit upon the idea of creating a dance troupe ‘flash mob’ at London’s bustling St Pancras Station.

This proved the catalyst for the impressive success Living the Dream is enjoying today with Zoe confidently predicting to grow turnover to £400,000 through a smart two-pronged revenue model which includes events and dance classes and a corporate PR arm.

The fast-growing company has received the endorsement of entrepreneurial giant Sir Richard Branson, having performed flash mobs for him and other high-profile figures – including the Queen herself.

2014 will also see the multi-faceted business launch a new talent agency, set to champion talented young people.

Jackson has an ambitious five-year plan for Living the Dream: “We will have performing arts centres in every major city and our professional dance company will be performing at prestigious national and international platforms.

“Our talent agency will have performers in every West End Show nationwide, and Living The Dream will have become renowned for championing young people in the arts, enterprise and education.”


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