Green Business of the Year 2007

The Local Food Company

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As well as looking for an excellent and well run business, for this category the judges were particularly looking for evidence of genuine and sustained commitment to running  the business with green operational processes.  Full time teachers, Dionne and Simon Rooney set up the Local Food Company to facilitate access to local food suppliers in the south west of England, whilst bringing up two young children and also both holding full time jobs.  The LFC is already operating profitably with fantastic potential for future expansion.  LFC has been carbon offset from day one and uses recycled and reused materials where ever possible.  They operate with an ethical supply chain which they are also trying to make as environmentally friendly as possible too.  Only seasonal fruit and veg are sold and with over 70 local producers, air miles are dramatically reduced.  They subscribe to green energy tariffs and deliver produce in their car rather than by purchasing a specific delivery van.  Most innovatively they are pioneers for labelling their products with the relative food miles to help inform consumer choice.  30% of their business is from tourists holidaying in the area so the LFC are also contributing to green tourism

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