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Gnewt cargoFounded: 2009 Founders: Sam Clarke and Matthew Linnecar Web:

Founded in late 2009, Gnewt is now firmly established as the UK’s biggest green logistics company. The London-based company, which specialises in ‘last mile’ deliveries, is currently delivering 4,500 parcels a week, and clients are queuing up to use its service, which generates 62% less CO2 emissions per parcel than conventional diesel alternatives.

Founders Sam Clarke and Matthew Linnecar came at their entrepreneurial adventure from remarkably different angles. While Clarke has a background in the green transport space, having previously worked for an electric vehicle company, Linnecar was previously an investment banker – arguably the antithesis of his current job. However, the pair are united by a passion for making logistics as environmentally considerate as possible; indeed, Gnewt strives to make every aspect of its operation, every 1%, as sustainable as possible.

Deliveries are made by a fleet of electric vans, electric scooters, and pedal-powered cargocycles, and a string of ‘micro consolidation centres’ have been set up to allow localised delivery and obviate long, fuel-guzzling journeys. Clarke and Linnecar have agreed partnerships with regeneration agencies such as London’s Better Bankside and property business The Crown Estate, and the pair are currently trialling two electric lorries for bigger delivery loads.

Having turned over £350,000 in its first year, Gnewt is a sustainable business concept. Clarke and Linnecar have already received a Green Apple Award in recognition of their environmental achievements, and further recognition is sure to follow as London, Gnewt’s home patch, gears up for the 2012 Olympics – which will see demand soar to new heights.

Judges’ comments: The judges commended GnewtCargo for being a brilliantly disruptive company having the express aim of reducing the massive environmental impact logistics companies traditionally have. This is not just a business ticking a green box, environmental concern is part of its very DNA; with its electric vans and cargocycles it is literally providing a breath of fresh air! The judges all agreed that we will see GnewtCargo vehicles in other major cities over the next few years.

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