Micro Business of the Year 2007

innergy LPG Ltd

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innergy are an excellent of an example of a business that is fully exploiting the benefits of being small.  Entering an established and competitive market dominated by a small number of very large players, the founders used their extensive knowledge of the market place to launch a business that already boasts impressive turnover and profitability after just 18 months of trading.  Thorough market research and planning have led to some genuinely innovative business practices and the founders also demonstrated that they are building a strong company culture that should result in continued and sustained growth. 

Unusually drivers are full time employees and enjoy customer-service related bonuses therefore maximising effective customer service at the front end.  So confident of their high service and competitive pricing structure, Innergy boldly challenge customers to consider their competitors as an alternative by providing links to their sites directly from their own home page

All employees spend time performing other roles to give a better understanding of the business as a whole and with a broad customer base they have avoided the problem of being over reliant on a handful of clients.  Whilst currently concentrating in the midlands, there is terrific opportunity for expansion and further growth.

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