Rosemary Forsyth

Founder, Forsyth Group

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Rosemary ForsythRosemary founded the Forsyth Group in 1981, recognising the potential growth of information technology within business.

The Forsyth Group was the first venture search consultancy to focus on emerging technology markets. Rosemary has developed extensive search experience across all technology sectors and conducts “C” and Board level assignments across the UK, EMEA and the United States.

Rosemary is a key contributor to the investment community, she was an angel investor in Net-A-Porter, is a partner at Waterbridge Capital and is an investor in Seedcamp

Rosemary holds a Master’s degree with honors in Psychology and an M.Litt degree in Educational Psychology, both from Aberdeen University in Scotland. Rosemary sits on the Aberdeen University Sixth Century Campaign Board, The  Board of Governors of the School of Communication & Arts 2.0 and is on the  Advisory Board of TalentPuzzle  and BraveNewTalent

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