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Maritime Assurance & Consulting

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Maritime Assurance & ConsultingManaging Director: Graeme Reid Year Started: 2011

Maritime Assurance & Consulting Ltd (MAC) is an Aberdeen-based company with a global reach offering a comprehensive range of consulting support services to the marine, construction, drilling and floating production industries.

The company provides clients with significant risk control to safeguard reputation at operational, project, management and corporate levels. Its goal is to provide a high quality service with a strong focus on meeting clients’ needs, building long-term relationships, and achieving commercial success.

Judges’ comments:

We were impressed at the speed with which the company has been successful in making a good footprint on what is a tired, tough and closed industry, being the oil & gas industry. In a challenging economic environment it is key for service businesses to have an expert niche offering in order to survive – and we believe Maritime is a great example of this. For such a young company they have been incredibly profitable, which again is a testament to their expertise and quality of service.


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