David Lester

“We’re rightly proud of the Startups Awards for recognising the best of UK entrepreneurial talent. Everyone who attends our awards ceremony comments on the verve and energy in the room. Each year we unearth a whole set of innovative, disruptive new businesses and entrepreneurs that continue to make people sit up and pay attention to the start-up market. We were thrilled with the quality of entries we received in 2013.

“Given the economic turbulence that has gripped the country over the past few years it was even more impressive to see such a fantastic range of pioneering, commercially successful companies shine despite the recent recession. I’m confident we’ll have another fantastic pick of companies to choose from in 2014 because we’ve seen the impressive scale of UK talent out there today.

“The Startups Awards measures business achievement across the board, championing innovation, enterprise and the people behind the businesses. If you’ve got a new business to shout about, Startups Awards is listening.”

David Lester, founder, Startups


Jason-Stockwood“We’re delighted to sponsor this year’s Awards. The past decade has seen sharp changes in the economy, pushing small businesses and start-ups to take initiative and freshen up their approach, in order to disrupt the competition. Just look at the past winners – they’re examples of what can be achieved right now through sheer ambition and creativity.

“Whether it’s online or high street – or both – companies like these are at the heart of what we do, here at Simply Business. We enable and support entrepreneurs and small companies as they drive their business forward, providing the backbone of insurance with connections to a busy knowledge hub and flourishing online network. Our focus is on flexibility and top-notch customer service, but what’s yours?

“We’re excited to get stuck into this year’s entries, and champion the businesses that spark our own entrepreneurial spirit. Whether it’s just you, a family, a couple or a whole bunch of you, we’re keen to hear your story.”

Jason Stockwood, CEO, Simply Business

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