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Best desktop computers for small businesses in 2020

Our computer experts’ top picks of the best office desktop PCs today

Whether you’re a keen video editor needing all the processing power you can get or just looking for a cheap and fast all-in-one PC to help you breeze through your work, our unbiased reviews were made to help you find the best desktop computer for your small business.

We compared the latest desktop computers from the world’s leading manufacturers (including Microsoft, Apple, Dell, HP and Lenovo) and have tracked down the top business PCs on the market today.

From the most premium flagship models to the winners for value for money, you’re sure to find the best office computer for you in our list – and we’ll help you find some great desktop computer deals.

Here is our list of the five best desktop computers in 2019 for office work:


Our reviews of the 5 best business desktop PCs in 2019:

Dell Inspiron 27 (7775)

Dell’s new Inspiron 27 (7775) is a top tier all-in-one desktop PC from the specialists in work computers.

What's it like to use?
★★★★Dell’s quality high-res screen here is kinder to the eye than cheaper alternatives and makes spending a day on it much more pleasant. They keyboard and mouse are also solidly built – perhaps just a touch less snazzy than the Apple accessories, but they still feel premium.How's its performance?
★★★★★This is one of the speediest computer desktops around – and is even up to the job of heavy duty tasks like photo and video editing.It also comes with plenty of USB ports – now a dying breed in new computers but they can really come in handy for office computers.What about the screen and sound quality?
★★★★★The built-in speakers are top of the range. And if you wanted to enjoy the odd film or office music on this desktop, you’re in for a treat – you’ll even get some bass.Then there’s the 4K Ultra HD resolution screen – it hardly gets better than this for picture quality and text will appear crisp and easy to read.Is it for me?If you’re looking for a powerful processor to help you breeze through your work tasks and an excellent screen to (almost) make doing them a joy, this is the desktop PC for you.

Read all about the Inspiron 27 on Dell's website here.

Microsoft Surface Studio

This is a powerhouse of a desktop PC – it’s super-fast and sleek and you can even fold and draw on it like a giant tablet, but all these specs come with a price tag to match.

What's it like to use?
★★★★★Macs used to provide a world-class user experience, but with their Surface Studio range, Microsoft are giving Apple a run for their money.This is the thinnest computer desktop monitor ever made (just 1.3mm) and if you want to draw your graphics straight onto the screen, you can fold it into a canvas-style tablet.How's its performance?
★★★★★The Microsoft Surface Studio has one of the fastest dual core processors – and an eye-watering 32GB of RAM – it’s a super-fast, super powerful machine.What about the screen and sound quality?
★★★★★Microsoft are big on their screen quality – and the Surface Studio boasts a top end NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M graphics chip and 4.5K resolution – it’s just shy on Apple’s 27-inch iMac, but we really don’t think anyone could pick them apart.Is it for me?The Microsoft Surface Studio was made for serious creative business owners and freelancers. It does a stellar job of rivalling the best that Apple has to offer, but it’s really only an option for those with deep pockets and the most premium needs.But is it better than Apple? You might just like it more – and it’s even cheaper than the iMac Pro (for pretty comparable specs).Plus the 28-inch folding screen is larger, thinner and more flexible than its Mac rivals – that means you can really get your creative juices flowing by using it like a giant tablet.

You can check out the Microsoft Surface Studio here.

iMac 21.5-inch

Apple’s 21.5-inch iMac is their most affordable entry level all-in-one PC – it’s got the high quality you’d expect from Apple, now at a more budget price point.

What's it like to use?
★★★★★As with most Apple products, style is key – and the 12.5-inch iMac is a joy to use. The mouse and keyboard could be even better quality, but they are far from shabby and still good value at this price.How's its performance?
★★★★For an entry-level desktop computer, this iMac is hardly basic – with a 2.3Ghz dual-core Intel i5 processor and 8GB of RAM. That means it can take on your emails as well as any more heavy duty photo and video editing you send its way.What about the screen and sound quality?
★★★★★Expect sharp images and clear text on this Full HD screen – it’s not quite a 4K display, but more than enough pixels for most people’s office use. And the Retina display is Apple’s most premier screen spec – and ideal for photo editing.What’s more, the audio is clear and you’ll even get your bass if your like your office music soulful.Is it for me?If you’re after a top quality all-in-one desktop PC without a hefty price tag attached, this iMac is a fantastic option. It’s great for everyday work tasks, but will even handle your more demanding jobs – and is great for entertainment too.

View the 12.5-inch iMac and compare it with thr 27-inch display on Apple's website here.

Lenovo Ideacentre 510 (Intel)

With mid-range speakers and a fairly standard screen, HP's affordable All-in-one 24 won't blow you away, but it's a good option for the smaller budget and everyday work use.

What's it like to use?
★★★★The wireless keyboard and mouse feel high quality to use – and we like the good variety of easy-access USB ports.How's its performance?
★★★★★This computer is fast! The Intel i5-6400T processor will have you blitzing through your work – and it boots up in just 15 seconds.What about the screen and sound quality?
★★★★Unlike most desktop monitor screens, this one is matte (not shiny), so it’s less reflective – and easier on the eye than alternatives. Plus the bright display brings work to life and is ideal for any media tasks. The speakers are great too, with a good amount of bass.Is it for me?Lenovo’s Ideacentre 510 (Intel) is perfect for small business owners wanting an all-in-one desktop that’s slickly built and speedy. This one packs plenty of power for everyday office use, with a stunning screen and quality sound to boot.But if you’re on an extra tight budget, it’s worth checking out the AMD version of this model. It’s not quite as fast and feels slightly less premium, but it’s also more affordable.

Dive deeper into the Lenovo Ideacentre 510 (Intel) here.

HP All-in-one 24

With mid-range speakers and a fairly standard screen, HP's affordable All-in-one 24 won't blow you away, but it's a good option for the smaller budget and everyday work use.

What's it like to use?
★★★★The HP All-in-one 24 is designed for budget-conscious small business owners. The mouse and keyboard feel just as you would expect for such an affordable desktop PC – they're made for substance more than style, but they feel perfectly nice to use.How's its performance?
★★★★The i3 processor is up to most business tasks like web browsing, using Microsoft Office programmes and watching the odd video. It'll just struggle with more demanding tasks like video editing and gaming, so this is one for fairly standard computer use.What about the screen and sound quality?
★★★★★The screen probably won't impress too much – it's not as dazzling as the pricier desktop display monitors, but its surface isn't too shiny or reflective, so it's great for reading text.Again, this is a PC for work, not play. The audio isn't quite up to scratch for an action-packed film, though it's perfectly fine for business calls and Skype.Is it for me?The HP All-in-one 24 offers great value for money and is ideal for everyday work tasks. You'll just want to avoid if you're a creative business owner wanting plenty of power for video editing, music making or gaming.

Have all your questions about the HP All-in-one 24 answered (and save on your order) here.

BEST DESKTOP COMPUTERS: IN A NUTSHELLChoosing a well-built and high performance all-in-one desktop PC will help you work more productively and happily at your desk.If you’re after your premium build desktop PC, you need an almighty processor for heavy duty tasks like video editing or you just like the idea of a desktop monitor that’s much more than a screen, it’s worth checking out the flagship models of Microsoft, Dell and Apple – they really are the best of the best.But if your needs don’t extend much beyond programmes like Excel and Gmail, you can get a great device at a more affordable rate with reliable, budget-friendly brands like HP and Lenovo.WHERE NEXT?To compare or explore further any of our five best desktop computers from the leading brands in desktop computers, you can tap any of the links below:

Were you paid to write this?Startups is proud to provide free buyers' guides to help our readers make the best decisions when investing in tech to grow their small businesses and start-ups. Our reviews are 100% unbiased and no company can pay to get their rating bumped up.To keep our pages free, we sometimes receive commission if any of our readers sign up using one of our links, but any potential business relationship happens far away from our researchers and writers and never has any influence on our content.We hope you found this page useful and good luck finding an all-in-one deskptop PC that works for you.

Computer Brand Desktop PC Rating Price View online
dell Inspiron 27 (7775) ★★★★★ £1,198 view at dell
microsoft Surface Studio ★★★★ £2,999 microsoft
apple iMac 21.5-inch ★★★★★ £1,049 apple
lenovo Ideacentre 510 (Intel) ★★★★ £800 view at lenovo
hp All-in-one 24 ★★★★ £519 view at hp
Dell Inspiron 27 (7775) PROS – Powerful processor, stunning screen, slick design, fantastic audio
CONS – No DVD slotview at dell Usual price: Was £1,399, Now £1,198
CPU AMD Ryzen 5 1400 Quad-Core (processor)
RAM 8GB (memory)
Storage 1128GB (internal space)
Display AMD Radeon RX 580 Graphics (graphics card)
Size 26.9″ (width in inches)
microsoft surface studio PROS – All-you-can-eat power, flexible (foldable) machine, ultra-slim body
CONS – Other than its price, this one is hard to bettermicrosoft Usual price: £2,999 – £4,249
CPU Intel Core i5 /i7 (processor)
RAM 32GB (memory)
Storage 1000GB+ SSD (internal space)
Display PixelSense™ Display (screen quality)
Size 28″ (width in inches)
12-inch imac PROS – Affordable (for an iMac), great entry level specs, powerful processor
CONS – Mouse and keyboard could feel more premiumapple Usual price: £1,049 – £1,449
CPU Intel Core i5 (processor)
RAM 8GB (memory)
Storage 1000GB (internal space)
Display Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640 (graphics card)
Size 21.5″ (width in inches)
Lenovo Ideacentre 510 (Intel) PROS – Incredible screen, great sound, handy DVD writer, wireless accessories
CONS – The USB ports could be more spread outview at lenovo Usual price: £800
CPU Intel i5-6400T (processor)
RAM 8GB (memory)
Storage 1000GB (internal space)
Display Intel HD Graphics 530 (graphics card)
Size 23″ (width in inches)
hp all-in-one 24 PROS – Hard-to-beat storage, affordable price tag, reliable PC brand, touch screen
CONS – Only average audio, display could be sharperview at hp Usual price: Was £700, Now £519
CPU Intel Core i3-7100U (processor)
RAM 8GB (graphics card)
Storage 2000GB (internal space)
Display Intel HD Graphics 620 (graphics card)
Size 23.8″ (width in inches)
Computer Brand Desktop PC Rating Price View online
dell Inspiron 27 (7775) ★★★★★ £1,198 view at dell
microsoft Surface Studio ★★★★ £2,999 microsoft
apple iMac 21.5-inch ★★★★★ £1,049 apple
lenovo Ideacentre 510 (Intel) ★★★★ £800 view at lenovo
hp All-in-one 24 ★★★★ £519 view at hp

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