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The business world is whirring with tech developments. Everyone wants their product or service to be faster, smarter and better – and, to stay up-to-speed, your broadband has to be lightning quick.

With the widest coverage across the UK for business broadband, and a well-known reputation for reliability and industry familiarity, BT Business Broadband can get your start-up hooked-up to the internet in no time.

With lots of extra features, and some exclusive add-ons, read on to learn what BT Business Broadband can provide that other providers just don’t have. Plus, we’ve detailed what it’ll cost and how long it’ll take to get all set up.

This article will cover:

Why use BT business broadband?

BT business broadband benefits

BT business broadband contract costs

BT business broadband installation costs

Get BT Business Broadband today

Why use BT business broadband?

BT Business Broadband gives you access to unlimited data and BT will make you a promise on your minimum download speed. A trusted guarantee that’s honest and transparent.

If you’re after fancy features with your broadband package, then it’s best you opt for one of the Enhanced packages. With BT Business Broadband Enhanced, you can also enjoy features like 4G assure, BT device protection and IT.

Boasting the UK’s largest wifi network – with unlimited access to over five million wi-fi hotspots nationwide – BT Business Broadband also lets you work wherever you want. So, if you’re out in the field, popping off to an offsite meeting, or simply fancy working somewhere new, BT Business Broadband makes this possible, providing free,
Whilst we can talk about the benefits of using BT Business Broadband, it’s probably better to hear what other start-up business owners have to say. We caught up with Tom Bourlet from Natures Healthbox to find out what’s so good about BT Business Broadband and why it works for them.

Why did you decide to go with BT Business Broadband?

“Having signed up to a 24 month package with BT Business Broadband, and considering our whole business is online, it made sense to ensure we had a high speed option in place.

“We also liked that we could get BT Guest WiFi, as we set up blogger events and it is easier to give them all access to a guest account. The guest wifi is what we hand out to any visitors, as it helps protect any malicious content from causing damage to us.”

Which BT Business Broadband plan do you use specifically?

“We use BT Broadband Enhanced.”

How many people are in the business and how many are likely to be using the connection at any one time?

“There are 3 of us max at any time, unless we have visitors at all. Realistically, most of the time it is 2 people utilising the broadband at once.”

What’s the best feature in your BT Business Broadband package and how does it help your business to be more successful?

“We love the guest wifi access, and BT’s great internet speeds, but I strongly believe the BT Wifi app might be my future favourite benefit once I have set it up.

“The app is something we haven’t utilised yet, but it was certainly sold to us as a great benefit we are keen to try. The app allows you to utilise the BT Wifi hotspots as you travel around town. We’re often outside of the office due to the constant external meetings, so the app looks to be a real plus point for us.

“As far as I know, the hotspots are mainly in supermarkets or shopping mall areas. Often when going to a meeting, I will have to download something onto my phone while on the go, so this is a massive saviour so I don’t rinse my personal mobile account.”

Once your 24 month package is up, how likely are you to take out a new Business Broadband contract with BT?

“I’d say very likely at the moment. Anything can change in the space of two years, but we are very impressed so far.”

Have you encountered any problems with BT Business Broadband?

“There is a bit of downtime when setting up, but I did appreciate they had an engineer to help out.

“I know that if we already had BT broadband then the time it would take until it went live would be halved, but we were switching from Sky, therefore it was about 12 days.”

BT business broadband benefits

Boasting the widest coverage across the UK for business broadband, there are also features you can’t get anywhere else, like 4G Assure and Guest WiFi with BT Business Broadband.. Read on for more provider benefits:

Speedy connection:

Aside from being one of the most widely used and trusted service providers in the UK, BT have also signed up to Ofcom’s voluntary code of practice for Business Broadband Speeds. This means that their promises of speedy broadband aren’t just empty claims.


BT show clear and realistic internet speed information both before and after you buy Business Broadband. BT will also provide a minimum guaranteed download speed for all BT Business Broadband, taking into account any congestion on the network at the business peak time between 12:00pm and 02:00pm.

If you believe your minimum guaranteed download speed isn’t being achieved, you’re encouraged to report it as a fault and a member of the team will come to fix the problem. And, if BT can’t provide your minimum guaranteed download speed 30 days after you raised the complaint, you’re able to exit the contract without a charge.

Get a SIM-only deal when you sign up for BT Business Broadband:

Great news if you’re also looking for a business phone contract as BT Business Broadband customers can save £5 on a new business SIM-only contract.

Find out more about the 10 best business mobile phones here.

Free, unlimited access to over 5 million hotspots nationwide:

The UK’s largest wi-fi network, BT Business Broadband gives you free, unlimited access to over five million hotspots nationwide.
When you sign up to BT Business Broadband, you’ll also get one free BT wifi unlimited subscription (normally coming in at £15 a month).

As you get your order confirmation you can start using it, even before BT have connected your business broadband. So, during that pre-connection downtime, you won’t be without an internet connection.

Guest wifi:

You can give your customers free wifi via the Guest wifi feature on the BT Business Smart Hub. This is the best way to keep your customers happy and your data safe.

24/7 broadband support:

The UK based team are happy to provide fast, free technical support for your broadband either online or over the phone.

Unlimited data:

With BT, unlimited really does mean unlimited. With BT Business Broadband, you can use as much data as you need without being worried about catches, caps or hidden penalties.

With the BT Business Broadband Enhanced package, the following benefits are also available:

4G Assure:
Automatically switch to 4G when necessary, keeping you connected – so a lost connection will never mean lost business.

Symantec device protection:
Symantec guards your devices against cyber-attacks. It keeps your data safe and gives you peace of mind whilst being quick to set up, easy to manage, and covering a variety of tech from PCs, laptops, Macs and mobiles.

Static IP:

With a static IP address you can:

  • Connect to your computer from anywhere in the world
  • Run your own email server (and associate it with your domain name)
  • Point domain names to your servers and equipment
  • Set up your own secure Virtual Private Network
  • Run your own website and FTP server
  • Run CCTV off your network

How much does BT Business Broadband cost?

BT Business Broadband contract costs:

BT Business Broadband comes in a variety of packages, the cost of which depends on if you’ve already got a BT line or not. A BT line is essential to setting up BT broadband and, if you don’t have one, it can be easily installed but will cost slightly more.

If you don’t already have a BT phone line, here’s what BT Business Broadband is going to cost:

Package name:Cost per month
(not including VAT):
Broadband Essential & Value Line£28.00
+ £8.50 delivery
Superfast Fibre Essential & Value Line£43.00
+ £8.50 delivery
Broadband enhanced & Value Line£40.00
+ £8.50 delivery
Superfast Fibre Enhanced & Value Line£55.00
+ £8.50 delivery
Ultrafast 1 Fibre Enhanced & Value line£70.00
+ £8.50 delivery
Ultrafast 2 Fibre Enhanced & Value line

If you already have a BT phone line, BT Business Broadband is going to cost:

Package name:Cost per month
(not including VAT):
Broadband Essential£24.00
+ £8.50 delivery
Superfast Fibre Essential
Broadband enhanced & Value Line£32.00
+ £8.50 delivery
Superfast Fibre Enhanced£46.00
+ £8.50 delivery
Ultrafast 1 Fibre Enhanced£60.00
+ £8.50 delivery
Ultrafast 2 Fibre Enhanced£68.00
+ £8.50 delivery

BT Business Broadband installation costs:

If your property has a pre-existing BT line, you will not have to pay to install one. The broadband hub itself is a plug-and-play system, so you can install it yourself and be up and running in no time.

If your property does not have a pre-existing broadband line, then the cost of the line itself will be absorbed by your monthly contract charge. In cases where there’s not a suitable BT line available, or the line has been disconnected for non-payment, then you might need to pay a connection charge. The standard connection charge is normally £140.

Get BT Business Broadband today

If you’re swayed by the benefits and need a fast, reliable broadband service for your start-up business, then make the most of all BT has to offer and take out a BT Business Broadband contract today.

With such a wide-reaching network and trusted reputation, BT Business Broadband have a contract for every customer, no matter the budget.

Connection times depend on the contract you choose and your area’s availability. In general, BT’s set-up times are as follows:

Switch broadband from another supplier = 10 days

Switch broadband and phone line from another supplier = 10 days

Change from BT home broadband to BT business broadband = five days

Install new phone line and broadband = 10 days


BT Business Broadband comes with a lot of options, no matter the size or scope of your operation.

They’re a trusted, well-known company with a reliable reputation and a wealth of benefits that you can’t find with other providers, like the guest wifi and 4G assured features.

To get a contract today, simply pop to their website to get your business broadband up and running.

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