Looking for dog walking insurance? These are the covers to consider

Getting the right dog walking insurance will help show clients you’re reliable. Find out more about the key covers and how to tailor your policy to your needs

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The UK pet industry is booming – research from Totally Money revealed that Brits spent a record breaking £7.16bn on their faithful friends in 2015. Totally Money’s survey even uncovered that 51% of dog owners would consider paying more for their pet’s healthcare than their own.

We trust only the best people to look after our pets. As a dog walker, you need to prove you’re reliable – and having the right dog walking insurance will help.

The good news is that it’s simple to tailor your policy to your business’s needs. Check out all the covers you should consider when it comes to insurance for dog walking below.

What insurance do I need for a dog walking business?

Depending on the particulars of your business, there are a range of covers to consider. These are some of the main ones:

Public liability insurance for dog walkers

You spend a lot of time around members of the public during the running of your business, and any business that has the public at its heart should consider public liability insurance.

If somebody hurt themselves by tripping over a lead and you were found at fault, you could face a compensation claim. Someone might also claim if you damaged their property or possessions when collecting their dog from their home, for example by knocking over an expensive vase.

These claims can be costly, and having the right insurance in place can help protect you against the fallout, such as legal fees and compensation payments.

Before you get a quote, think about how severe a claim against your business might be. Insurers offer different levels of cover, for example from £1m to £10m, so it’s best to think carefully about what’s right for you.

Protecting dogs against injury or illness

It’s all well and good having protection for people, but what about pets? We already know that many owners prioritise their dog’s healthcare above their own, so it’s undoubtedly important to your clients.

Thankfully, some insurers can cover injury and illnesses that might befall dogs while in your care, as part of your public liability insurance.

It’s one way you can tailor your policy to the specific needs of your business, so look out for it when getting a quote, making sure you check for any conditions or restrictions.

Business equipment insurance

As a dog walker, you probably have lots of specialist equipment like leashes, harnesses, shoes and backpacks.

If this equipment was lost or stolen, would you be able to get back to work quickly? Insurance could help you replace your items, letting you make sure no pooch goes without its walk.

It’s not just specialist equipment, either – it can cover things like your laptop as well.

Employers’ liability insurance

If you’ve grown your business and have a team of walkers working for you (or anybody working for you at all), it’s likely that you need employers’ liability insurance. If you need it any don’t have it, you could be fined £2,500 for every day you’re not insured.

Your employees face risks working for you, and if they got seriously ill or had an accident and blamed your business, they might claim compensation. Insurance could protect you against the costs of the claim.

Business legal protection

Legal fees are expensive, whether you’re defending your business or you’re the one bringing action. If you found yourself in the midst of an employment tribunal, tax investigation or civil action brought under the Data Protection Act, you might rest easier knowing that you had insurance.

You could be covered up to £100,000 per claim, up to a total of £1m per year.

Personal accident insurance

You’re someone who’s out and about a lot, and the nature of your work brings a bigger risk of accidents. Insurance can cover you 24/7 for accidents both inside and outside of work.

It can usually cover serious injury or death, so think about your risks and decide whether you want to add it when you’re getting a quote.

The money paid out following an accident could help pay for things like your medical costs, or go towards lost income.

Buildings insurance

You can get insurance for your building, whether you run your business from a shop or your home. If disaster struck, like a flood or a fire, it can cover the costs of rebuilding.

How to get dog walking insurance

Now that you know how you could protect yourself, it’s time to get some quotes for your insurance.

You’ll want to compare quotes quickly and easily. Simply Business are specialists in business insurance and have helped more than 425,000 customers get protected.

With them, all you need to do is fill in one simple form to get a range of quotes from different insurers.

Have your details to hand and check out their website to get a quote in minutes.

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