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A Clocking In Machine helps you record employee attendance accurately when it comes time to pay your employees. It can therefore save you money. But how do the systems differ in how they monitor? And how do you choose?

Here’s what to consider when buying a Clocking In Machine:


You might want to use a cardboard clocking in card in your Clocking In Machine. This is inserted into the machine when employees arrive and when they leave. You can then manually calculate how long they have worked.

Or, you might want a self-installed Biometric or swipe Clocking In Machine. These track employee activity with user-friendly technology. Biometric technology allows employees to use their finger or hand.

Key benefits of this type of Clocking In Machine include:

  • No unauthorised persons will be able to access forbidden areas. Biometric solutions only recognise features of permitted staff. In the past, employees could borrow a swipe card to access restricted areas.
  • Eliminates falsified time or ‘buddy clocking’.
  • Streamlined payroll and accurate calculations.
  • Optimised health and safety. You will always know who is on the premises.

Many systems also allow employees to clock in and out electronically. What exact Clocking In Machine you need depends on the business you run. How big is it? What type is it? How many people will use the system or access the data? These considerations will also affect the cost.


Most clocking in software lets you manage employee scheduling and holidays. As with hardware, think very carefully about what you need.

Read more on this in our guide to clocking in software.

Top 5 clocking in machine providers

A Clocking In Machine today can be quite advanced. Staff are not just expected to get their card punched by a machine! There are now a huge variety of clocking in systems. Each is carefully designed to complement and enhance how you run your business.

The list below includes 5 of the best clocking in systems providers. For more detail on any of these suppliers, simply continue down the page.

fingerprint clocking in machine


Kronos time and attendanceKronos Incorporated is a leading workforce management provider. Although it’s US-based, Kronos is used by thousands of offices globally. It’s used to manage and monitor the attendance of large-scale workforces. Holiday scheduling and data for payroll is also provided.

Kronos can cater to the needs of thousands of employees in different roles. It’s perfect too for monitoring roles that span different locations. An example would be managing healthcare staff working at different sites.

As you’d expect, there’s an extensive range of Kronos systems to choose from. Biometric and fingerprint clocking in machines are both available. All are built with care to help improve efficiency and productivity.

Mitrefinch Clocking Machines

Mitrefinch clocking in machines
Mitrefinch makes equipment to manage secure environments and prevent fraud. Its clocking in machines are usable for effective payroll and scheduling.

UK-based, Mitrefinch built the first computerised Clocking In Machine. This was in the early 1980s. Since then, Mitrefinch has made an effort to embrace the latest technology. Its biometric systems give real-time data and excellent security.

Mitrefinch has also developed some of the industry’s best software. That’s due to meeting the bespoke demands of their ever-expanding client base.

Planday Mobile Clocking

Planday mobile clockingPlanday makes clocking in systems that cater to those who employ people in shifts. It does this through a simple, intuitive and user-friendly app.

The app can be used on a number of devices and smartphones. That means it can be accessed anywhere and at any time. All your workforce have to do is log in from their phone once at their destination.

In many ways, the app is like a social media platform. It allows staff to swap shifts, log holidays, and see their shift schedule when they need. This type of mobile clocking is ideal for those with a small-scale workforce.


ISGUS UK time and attendanceLooking for real-time staff clocking and access control management? You should definitely explore ISGUS’s industry tailored solutions.

ISGUS is perfect for holiday scheduling and payroll system requirements. Its mobile and cloud technologies also suit flexible and remote working.

ISGUS started out in 1888 making mechanical clocks for watchmen. It’s now recognised globally for its high-tech biometric equipment.

ISGUS’s clocking in systems can be used across tablets, mobiles, and computers. They tend to be best suited to companies that employ over 25 members of staff.


Bodet clocking in machinesThese customisable clocking in machines are popular with many. This is due to their flexibility and functionality. A customised screen lets you use a fingerprint sensor, card reader, or both. You can also access data on sick days, overtime or holiday taken.

Bodet is one of Europe’s leading companies for time-related equipment. As such, it pushes the boundaries in its technology. The result: easy access to extensive real-time attendance data.

Bodet offers many time keeping solutions. Options include:

  • Room access control systems.
  • Rota planning.
  • Payroll and HR reporting.

Installation, configuration and maintenance is provided by Bodet. 3 million users have currently reported 96% user satisfaction.

Compare quotes for a Clocking In Machine

We’ve discussed what to think about when choosing a Clocking In Machine. In particular, we’ve looked at key providers and types.

To get a quote based on what you need, simply fill in the form above. We’ll then be able to connect you with the suppliers best-suited to you. From there, you’ll hear from them directly.

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