Made redundant? Struggling with unemployment? Starting a business could be the answer

According to AXA, a third of UK start-ups were born from redundancy or unemployment. Get inspired to be your own boss by the people who turned career misfortune into start-up success

If you’ve been made redundant or are struggling to find a job then you’d be forgiven for thinking that your options are limited.

However, did you know that almost 30% of all small businesses founded in the UK between 2011 and 2016 were started in response to redundancy or long-term unemployment?

And would you be surprised to discover that 80% of that figure claim it was their life crisis that had, in fact, taught them the survival skills needed to make it in business?

As Darrell Sansom, chief customer and innovation officer of AXA, puts it, “Entrepreneurs are coming from a wider diversity of backgrounds than ever before. They’re giving our economy a huge shot in the arm, bringing fresh ideas, creativity and life experience to business.”

So, rather than viewing redundancy or long-term job-hunting with dismay, it’s time to view it as an opportunity to start a business and be your own boss.

However, we realise that you might not want to take our word for it…which is why we’ve gathered five inspiring individuals who faced redundancy or unemployment and successfully used entrepreneurship to bounce back.

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Heed their words of advice and learn from their business stories and you’ll see how, with a bold step and restless determination, you too can go from zero to hero.

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