1. Huddle

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Founders: Alastair Mitchell and Andy McLoughlin
Website: www.huddle.net

Huddle is, without doubt, one of the most successful tech companies to come out of the UK in years. With its clear path to global domination already mapped out, the company was an easy choice to sit at the top of our list.

Huddle provides packages of project management and online collaboration software and, while there are many players in this market, has managed to gain a remarkable stronghold both in the UK and the US, securing some impressive blue-chip and public sector clients including Nokia, Panasonic, Kia Motors and the NHS.

Although launched in the UK, a substantial chunk of the company’s revenue comes from US clients which is what led Andy to San Francisco this year where Huddle opened its American base with the help of $10.2m funding from Matrix Partners.

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