28. Graze

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Founders: Ben Jones, Graham Bosher, Tom Newton, Edd Read, Tom Percival, Neil Thompson, Brendan Kay
Website: www.graze.com

The first business in the UK to send natural whole foods, from freshly cut pineapple to wasabi peas, in the post, Graze.com’s founders include Graham, one of the men behind LOVEFiLM, which uses post in much the same way as DVD delivery. Ben, Tom and Neil owned a design and branding company called Thompson Charles Jones and joined Graham on the venture after he’d had the initial idea. Last year’s postal strikes may have caused a few teething problems but the business has gone from strength-to-strength since. The patent on the special porous plastic film they came up with to prevent spoilage is pending and the company sends out over 120,000 boxes per month.

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