48. Mendeley

Mendeley is a free reference manager and academic social network that can help you organize your research, collaborate with others online, and discover the latest research

Founders: Paul Föckler, Victor Henning, Jan Reichelt
Website: www.mendeley.co.uk

Mendeley is being pitched as a “Last.fm for research”. The team is clearly onto something as the company has the backing of early seed investor and former chairman of Last.fm, Stefan Glaenzer. While studying for their PhDs, Victor and Jan found accessing and managing research papers a real handful. They decided they could develop software to help manage and share them, and with the help of Paul produced Mendeley.

The management software also features a network to discover papers and like-minded researchers. According to the founders, if it continues to grow at its current rate, the company will become the largest online research repository in 2010.

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