26. Pasta Evangelists

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Founders: Alessandro Savelli, Finn Lagun and Chris Rennoldson
Founded: 2017
Website: www.pastaevangelists.com

Bringing authentic, artisanal flair from his homeland in Italy, founder Alessandro Savelli started Pasta Evangelists to convert the British public to his religion of handmade pasta-making and ‘Italianita’ (Italianess).

More than just a recipe kit delivery service, Pasta Evangelists aims to elevate the UK’s everyday pasta experience with a weekly changing menu of 10 dishes with pasta varieties from 20 different Italian regions, including the Roman cacio e pepe and Liguria’s trenette al pesto genovese.

Based in East London, the company wants to share the joy of artisanal pasta around the country that is normally only enjoyed in the capital. And the pasta? It’s made using sustainably sourced doppio zero flour from small farmers and local growers Italy, British free-range eggs, and a pinch of salt and water.

On opening the pasta box, customers find handmade pasta, artisanally-made sauces, and recipe cards, which allows them to open a traditional trattoria inside their own kitchen and have restaurant-quality dishes freshly cooked and on the table in under five minutes.

Featured previously on the Startups 100 Index in 2018 at position 95, Pasta Evangelists is showing no signs of slowing down, now with products available from its ecommerce website, in Harrods and Marks and Spencer, on Deliveroo, and as a standard FMCG brand in Ocado and Amazon.

With its evangelical product and ethos, mixed with a continued growth, Pasta Evangelists has become the pasta to buy in the UK. Bellissimo!

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