28. Patch Plants

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Founder: Freddie Blackett
Founded: 2015
Website: www.patchplants.com

The UK is getting greener. Let’s face it – any trendy shop, cafe or office isn’t complete without a plethora of plants. And this trend has headed right into our homes, and the best part – you no longer need a garden to join the green-finger club.

Leading the charge in bringing fresh patches of joy to homes and businesses around the country is Patch, a plant delivery service sourcing its hand-picked greenery directly from the Netherlands. But that’s not all. Patch also provides a personalised plant experience to its customers, offering care guides and dedicated plant doctors who help to diagnose any plant-related issues.

Founder Freddie Blackett found his way onto the Startups 100 Index already, coming in at position 29 in 2018, and Patch is still growing to this day. Combining world class, Dutch flowers with a UK-based customer service consistently scoring over 95% in the CSAT (customer satisfaction score), Patch has all the right components to flourish in the coming years.

Patch also offers a subscription service for B2B clients, (the list includes heavyweights like MADE.com) which includes regular office visits form the Patch team to maintain the plants. However, Plant’s main focus is the B2C customer, otherwise known as anyone who loves plants.

What about the plants themselves? Many of them are exclusive to Patch and come in a variety of different categories, including ‘pet-friendly’ and the most popular: unkillables. With sales continuing to soar, Patch has secured itself as a major player in the plant world, leaving the competition green with envy.

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