35. Monolith AI

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Founder: Dr Richard Ahlfeld
Founded: 2016
Website: www.monolithai.com

Debuting at position 35 is Monolith AI, a London-based startup founded in 2016 by Dr Richard Ahlfeld.

Made up of a team of engineers, data scientists and software developers, Monolith AI’s product is an online platform which helps to simplify data access, provide context on collected data, predict future product behaviour and facilitate decision making.

Likened to J.A.R.V.I.S. in Marvel’s Iron Man films, Monolith AI combines artificial intelligence, tailored visualisation and high-performance computing to help engineers and data scientists accelerate product development.

Founded in 2016 by Dr Ahlfeld as a continuation of his PhD on uncertainty quantification, the company has kept on growing, gaining investment over separate funding rounds and expanding to a team of 20. In addition to making data-science accessible for engineers, Monolith AI has also gone further, developing state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms for 3D simulations.

Now working with a number of engineering companies in fields as diverse as automotive, defence, energy and even aeronautics, the sky really is the limit for Monolith AI.

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