42. Incube Space

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Founders: Rishi Chowdhury and George Johnston
Founded: 2018
Website: incube.space

When founders Rishi Chowdhury and George Johnston noticed that property owners weren’t maximising their real estate’s potential, they formulated a business model that could help both the landowners and their tenants experience an easier and more beneficial work environment.

How does it work? The business provides cubes to transform spaces into functional working environments, without changing the structure of the building or room itself. Everything is supported by tech – the cube wall panels come with an inbuilt smart office technology stack, which can include anything from environmental sensors and voice assistants to space utilisation cameras and door access systems.

Incube Space are newcomers to the Startups 100 list – and for a newcomer to come in at number 42 is no small feat. They have won a couple other awards in their so-far short lifetime, including being nominated for Most Innovative Proptech Business at the UK PropTech Association (UKPA) Awards 2019.

Incube also took the initiative during the COVID-19 outbreak, quickly developing COVID-safe cube workspaces to help people stay safe while getting back to work in a volatile time.

As for their upcoming plans, Incube Space has its hands full with the COVID-proof cubes for now, but they are a company worth keeping tabs on. As they expand and assimilate more revolutionary and cost-effective workspaces, it may only be a matter of time before we see the new Incube workspace become the standard.

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