44. Bounce

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Founder: Ashley Reading
Founded: 2017
Website: www.bouncelife.co.uk

It’s no secret that both life and health insurance can be tricky, opaque beasts. Knowing this, Ashley Reading founded Bounce, with the goal of making insurance a more sympathetic and community-focused process.

Bounce acts as both a life and health insurance referral network, made up of thousands of participants, known as “bouncers.” These bouncers are given a bonus every time they refer a new customer to Bounce, allowing them to make a substantial amount of money by simply pitching the idea to their friends and family.

As for the insurance itself, Bounce offers coverage that seeks to be truly helpful and compassionate to their customers’ needs. And this approach works: so far Bounce has arranged in excess of £2bn of life cover.

The very nature of Bounce ensures that they’re constantly expanding, as their business model hinges on constant recruitment and outreach of more members and customers in both the B2B and B2C space.

With a customer focus at its core, and an experienced entrepreneur at the helm, Bounce’s inclusion in the Startups 100 2020 index is no surprise.

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