59. Snag Tights

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Founder: Brigitte Read
Founded: 2018
Website: www.snagtights.com

For too long, the fashion industry has catered largely to a particular body type, and in no item of clothing is this problem more obvious than in tights. Why? Well, tights sizes are measured in terms of height, with no consideration taken for factors like width and body shape. What we’re left with is a shameful statistic: nine out of 10 women say they are unable to find tights that fit, according to Snag Tights’ own research.

This is the problem that this forward-thinking, body-positive, colourful brand aims to correct. By selling tights that come in sizes based on height, dress size, and body shape, Snag has tapped into a truly underserved market – and is enabling people of all shapes and sizes to find tights that fit comfortably, without compromising on style.

In the two short years since Snag began, founder Brigitte Read has built a brand that not only sells size-inclusive products, but also practices what it preaches in its marketing. Uniquely, instead of hiring models, Snag invites its customers to star in its advertising. From the business’ websites and social channels to its TV ad campaign – look at any one of Snag’s images, and you’ll see a real customer, with their own testimonial often forming the basis of the advertising copy, too.

This customer-centred approach has proved a recipe for success, with Snag’s body-confident philosophy attracting thousands of loyal customers across the UK, US, Australia, and Germany. With a thriving social community of fans who consistently laud the quality and comfort of Snag’s products, it looks like this brand is well on its way to achieving its mission of making everyone feel good about wearing tights.

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